Soc Fernandez Backed-Out From an Organized Debate

by Christiandefenders

This is a short answer to an allegation of Abe Arganiosa  regarding an awaited debate which was suppose to take place in Cebu. Abe Arganiosa and other Catholic Apologist claims that Bro. Eli Soriano backed-out from an awaited debate which is an outright lie.

Fr. Abe, CRS said…

Dear Bro. Jub,

It is very obvious that it was Soriano who backed out. Mayor Soc debated the best of the best of formal and official debaters of various religions in the Visayan and English language. His collections of debates are classics.

Soriano on the other hand, cannot show high calibred debates with various religions. And most of his debates are street type format. Pang kalye… KASI ASONG KALYE, E. But the debates of Soc Fernandez are Oxford style and other internationally recognized format. They are really based on rules and gentlemanly in style.

Soriano is nothing in comparison.

Bro. Soriano was eager to debate with Socrates Fernandez as he had explained during the debate with Rey Entila who is one of Socrates Fernandez’ minions.

A person like Bro. Eli who is a seasoned debater will not back out from that debate. It was Socrates Fernandez who did not show-up during the day of the debate. In addition, Bro. Eli had bible expositions in Cebu over the years and another arrangement for debate is always possible.

Bro. Eli Soriano preaches and defends the gospel of Christ for over 40 years now and there was never an instance wherein a pastor, minister or a priest was able to put him to shame. He is always triumphant on all of his debates whether it’s a Catholic or a Protestant.

In summary, it was Socrates Fernandez who backed-out from the debate and not Bro. Eli Soriano.