The Roman Catholic Church is Not The True Church of God (via Eliseo Soriano)

Very Well said Bro. Eli!

The Roman Catholic Church is Not The True Church of God I am giving way to a response posted by a certain Kay for my article entitled "Are Other Christian Not True Churches?". I appreciate the responses to my comment and the spirit of Christian correction in which they are given. I understand your passion to defend the truth as you perceive it, as this similar passion is the same love I have for the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Though not all of the posts directed to me were polite and on-tangent, than … Read More

via Eliseo Soriano


One Response

  1. Dear bro. Eli, i usually listen through your “Itanong mo kay Bro. Eli” program and I learn much from it and started to know more about the bible by listening to your name is Gloria Pugong, and I thank God that a man like you who gave his life in serving God help many people to understand the Bible and how do we serve JESUS CHRIST as LORD and SAVIOR.

    I really appreciate the way you treat everyone and that makes me feel that despite of many trouble in life there is always a way to return to GOD if really our hearts desire for it..

    May GOD Bless you always and more power to your program…

    very truly yours,

    Gloria Pugong

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