Soc Fernandez Backed-Out From an Organized Debate

by Christiandefenders

This is a short answer to an allegation of Abe Arganiosa  regarding an awaited debate which was suppose to take place in Cebu. Abe Arganiosa and other Catholic Apologist claims that Bro. Eli Soriano backed-out from an awaited debate which is an outright lie.

Fr. Abe, CRS said…

Dear Bro. Jub,

It is very obvious that it was Soriano who backed out. Mayor Soc debated the best of the best of formal and official debaters of various religions in the Visayan and English language. His collections of debates are classics.

Soriano on the other hand, cannot show high calibred debates with various religions. And most of his debates are street type format. Pang kalye… KASI ASONG KALYE, E. But the debates of Soc Fernandez are Oxford style and other internationally recognized format. They are really based on rules and gentlemanly in style.

Soriano is nothing in comparison.

Bro. Soriano was eager to debate with Socrates Fernandez as he had explained during the debate with Rey Entila who is one of Socrates Fernandez’ minions.

A person like Bro. Eli who is a seasoned debater will not back out from that debate. It was Socrates Fernandez who did not show-up during the day of the debate. In addition, Bro. Eli had bible expositions in Cebu over the years and another arrangement for debate is always possible.

Bro. Eli Soriano preaches and defends the gospel of Christ for over 40 years now and there was never an instance wherein a pastor, minister or a priest was able to put him to shame. He is always triumphant on all of his debates whether it’s a Catholic or a Protestant.

In summary, it was Socrates Fernandez who backed-out from the debate and not Bro. Eli Soriano.


18 Responses

  1. truly, another delusion by Fr. Abe and his stupid minions, i watched some of his videos in youtube regarding how he defend catholic faith, and i want to tell to all of you, he is just another evil ministers who just “pakahulugan” a verse in a bible, it is really true that God send delusions to these people who uses the bible for bad reasons….

    • Sinungaling mga ADD, pakilala kayo at we can arrange a debate with your uneducated and exiled cult founder, CFD and Bro Soc are always ready to have a formal debate with you but sad to say that looks like Mayweather your side are always looking for a reason to evade. Now, I challenge you to make a debate proposal directly to the CFD blog. . . make a move and CFDs are waiting. . .

      • Where is Abe Arganiosa? Now that we have belied your claim that Bro. Soriano did not show up in a debate and revealed that it was actually Socrates Fernandez who did not show up, you will now want us to negotiate again with a none Priest? We want you to put your Catholic Priest to the spotlight and convince him to be true to his word that he wants to talk it over with Bro. Eli Soriano. Bro. Eli is online every Wednesday morning. You just have to follow this link and communicate with him personally.

        • dont twist the real story – it WAS MR. SORIANO BACKED OUT THE DEBATE —- i talked personally Brod Soc Fernandez— he GAVE a topic TO mR. sORIANO’S OIC in cebu with regard the SUBJECT FOR THE SAID DEBATE- bROTHER SOC, FERNANDEZ SIGNED ALREADY — but mr sORIANO BLANK — Mr soriano OIC WHO ARRANGED THE DEBATE WENT TO RADIO STATION OF FERNANDEZ PROGRAM —,they told brod Soc when Soriano arrived they will informed Fernandez- to prepare ____ but when Soriano arrive ——– SORIANO’S COORDINATOR – informed brod Soc Fernandez —– j come and ust ask question only –no debate- bwahaaaahahahaaaaaaaaa ——–

  2. HOY. . . just published your debate challenge to CFDs blog and we can negotiate the parameters of that debate.

    • Are you superseding your Abe Arganiosa who said that he is going to talk it over with Bro. Soriano?


      Now tell the fat priest that he needs to talk it over with Bro. Eli Soriano just like what he said.

  3. hohoho, this Catholics are out of their minds, truly, they have been hurt a lot with the Truth! , another minion of Fr. Abe here, i hope that Fr. Abe will be true to his words when he said that he want to negotiate 😀 i really want to see his face when the debate is over 😀

    • Be gentle on the dork. He doesn’t have any formal training in debates just like what he said; Catholic Priests are not trained for that so they have to rely on their so-called “Official Debaters.” He cannot show any of his debates and yet he has the courage to say that he wants to negotiate. I’ve been waiting for any news of negotiation directly from the live Internet Broadcast of Bro. Eli. Probably he would want to tell us that the reason he’s not negotiating is that he is not aware of it. His minions should inform him of this article in that case.

  4. hmm, about the thing “official debater” it is my first time to hear that? is it really true? by the way, he is a member of the “Defensores Fidei Foundation” , i can remember that when i watch some of his videos @ YouTube. He either invites some students in CEU to join this organization or the students promise to join this organization as far as I remember, to prove my point, i’ll post the link of that video when i found it, also take note of the ego of this organization “Teaching Catholics how to provide a reasoned but charitable defense of the faith when challenged!” i think, he is prefer to defend his faith not to rely on their so called “Catholic Official Debaters” because being on that organization, they are being teach to defend their faith! whoo! i can see some lies there, anyway, another way to prove that he is a member of that organization, if you visit his blog, you will see a banner @ the bottom of his blog regarding the organization i’m talking about…

    If he says that he is not a member of that organization, why is he promoting that organization in his blog? maybe, we must play the dice if we want to know if he is a member of that organization, if he is a member of that organization, i think his escape goat that he is not trained for a debate will be a flawed reason. 😀

  5. bro, sorry! i’m wrong, it is not in Youtube, it is in his blog, sorry, wrong information, because i’m doing my assignment while reading your blog, hehe, it’s been my habit, anyway, about what i’m talking about, the students in CEU promise him to join the organization “Defensores Fidei Foundation” which he is also belong, to prove my point, it can be seen here

    i just read this blog of his because i’m going to study @ CEU, God’s willing this coming school year. I thought that the priest is a part of CEU, that’s why i visit his post

    Anyway, to point my conclusion, if he is a part of the “Defensores Fidei Foundation” with the ego of “Teaching Catholics how to provide a reasoned but charitable defense of the faith when challenged!” i think he has the capacity to defend his faith because he is part of this organization, his reason that he is not trained for a debate, i think it will be a flawed reason, don’t you think? Again, i’m sorry about the wrong information at my first post, i hope you forgive about that.

    In Christ,
    Bro. John Benedict Bondoc

  6. MR. jbb
    For your information our Catholic Priest doesn’t really the one to debate especially in the likes of you, we doesnt want our Priest to be in level with you. We have so many lay people always ready and knowledgeable to defend our faith . For you, eli soriano is a master really! but how come minority pa rin ang group nyo?
    Our Priest has so much more important things to do than to debates with your pastor, we don’t need your approval regarding our faith ,because are church is already established, the battles are already won a thousand years ago by our early fathers in church and most especially by our founder which is our Lord JESUS CHRIST.

  7. Hey Marylin Arganiosa,
    It was your priest who keeps on hurling lies on his blog which is the reason why this blog to answer him was created. The spiritual battle isn’t over yet because there are still false prophets who were able to deceive a lot of people in these last days. The Catholic Church was able to conquer many nations of the world by using the cross and the sword. Earlier in history, the penalty of not submitting to the faith of Catholics is death. Catholic Nations like Spain are conquerors. They did not just propagate by preaching. They also kill and murdered innocent lives.

  8. Ay nku maging dito ba naman nagkakalat ka ng katangahan mo noel saan na ang Abe Argonesa mo at beltran hinamon ko yan sa blog ni cenon may lumabas ba di kaba nagsawa noel sa kabubugbog ko sayo sa blog ni cenon kaya nyo nga pinagbubura ang post ko.ako naman ang mag imbeta sayo noel ikaw naman ang makipagtalakayan dito sa blog ko (

    hintayin kita saan na yong mga kaalyado mo na magaling sa burahan ng post tignan natin kung magagawa nyo yan sa blog ko

  9. Ay nku Noel pati ba naman dito nagkakalat ka pa rin ng kasinungalingan ang tagal ko kayo hinihintay sa blog saan na ang grupo ng mga duwag sa pamumuno ni Cenon …uulitin ko uli ito ang site (

    At tungkol sa Piggy Priest puro Pabaho lang hamon nya.nka Post sa blog ni Cenon ang pag CALL ko sa hamon ni Beltran at ABE ..sigi Ikaw nlang NOEL ang mamagitan para matuloy

  10. Uto -uto yata itong si NOel naka ilan Post naba ako ng pag CALL sa blog ni Beltran at ng BAboy mong Pari pino-Post ba nila ang Pag tanggap ko sa Hamon nila hanggang ngayon Hindi nag aapeare ang Post ko kay Cenon Bibe naman na site may isa ba sa inyo ang nag lakas ng Loob para harapin ako …yong Bosing mo si Cenon inaayawan na ako naranasan nya na kasi ang Paglampaso namin sa kanya ni Bro Belian sa Luneta ..kaya kahit gayumahin mo yan hindi na yan haharap sa akin

    Cgi Total nagmamatapang yang ABE argonesa mo I post mo Dito kung payag sya AKo ang harapin niya dyan pa mismo sa CABLE Tv ng Program nya CALL ako …

    ANtabayan nyo mga Kapatid Tawagin nya akong sinungaling kung hindi ko patulan ang BABOY na yan.

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